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A passion for great quality food

The Findus Group is a multinational food business headquartered in the UK and with operations around Europe. It is the parent Group of Young’s, Findus and The Seafood Company. An estimated 20 million people eat our products on average every week.

We combine our passion for great quality food with an active commitment to good nutrition and sustainability in everything we do.

Message to our customers:

Our customers are our first priority and we put all our efforts into providing quality products you can trust. We know that many people have been concerned about the news that a small number of our beef products have been found to contain horsemeat. We understand those concerns and we want to apologise. For more information please follow the links below:

Findus France

Findus Sweden

Findus UK

The long term sustainability of fish is central to our business and we are practical and award-winning innovators in the drive for positive change.

Find out more about our Fish for Life programme.

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